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Welcome to My Website!  Y'all come on in and make yourselves at home.  My name is Dave and my family loves when I cook, especially when it's barbecue or cooking outdoors!


This site began as a way for sharing my love for barbecue, outdoor cooking, and hobbies!  After starting to build the site I thought, "Why stop here?"  "Why not share the foods I enjoy from around the world too?"  I enjoy learning about other cultures, their foods, and how it gets prepared.

My kids are all grown up so I decided to make this website for them, my grandbabies, and all of our friends. Now everyone has easy access to their favorite recipes! I hope this website will help to keep the recipes and good times associated with them alive long after I’m gone!

So, pour you a cold glass of sweet tea, put your feet up and enjoy the hundreds of recipes I have on my site!


Enjoy your visit,




Please notice that throughout this website, I have given credit to the authors of cook books and websites, when using their recipes and photos.  Feel free to borrow or share anything from my website.  Just please remember to give credit to these folks for their hard work.

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