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Pork Butt Recipe



Robusto Italian Dressing (strained – separate oil & Spices)
Dry rub of your choice

2 pork butts @7lbs ea.
1 cup apple juice

Yellow mustard
Brown sugar



1) Trim excess fat, but leave the fat cap untouched!


2) Strain Robusto Italian dressing (place oil and spices in separate containers).

3) Mix Robusto dressing oil, 1 cup apple juice, & dry rub. Leave pork butts in Cryo-

    wrap. Inject the pork butts with the mixture. Place in a bag / pan in case of leaks

    and put in the refrigerator overnight.


4) Early the next morning remove pork butts from refrigerator.  Mix equal parts 

    yellow mustard & beer and add spices from Robusto dressing.   Cover pork butts

    with a liberal amount of the mixture, apply dry rub and brown sugar.

5) Once the pork butts reach room temperature apply another layer of the rub of

    your choice and some more brown sugar.

6) Place in a smoker at 225 F (spray pork butts with warm apple juice every hour).

7) When the pork butts reach an internal temperature of 180 F, remove from smoker,

     place them in foil pans, add 2 cups apple juice to each pan and cover with foil.

     Place back in smoker at 225 F.

8) When the pork butts reach an internal temperature of 200 F, remove from smoker

     and let them stand covered with foil for 45 minutes.

9) Pull the pork, drain drippings to a bow, skim the fat from the top. Add to pork. 


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